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The Peyer Group: Four strong brands - one common idea.

With innovative and high-quality services, we help improve the experience and increase the value of our customers' products. Millions of consumers worldwide use Peyer products every day on packaging, bottles, books, in their cars, or in kitchen appliances.

Around 70 employees at various locations in Switzerland, Germany and the USA are in daily contact with around 2,000 customers in over 40 countries worldwide. Contributing to a company that has been operating since 1880.


The Peyer Group Brands

The PEYER Group operates with strong independent brands in their respective markets. 

It is an integral part of everyday life for millions of consumers:
Whether it be fascination, value, protection, information, or security - Peyer products and services create value on a number of levels.


peyer cover

Ideen nach vorne

We are concept engineers with a can-do attitude. With innovative collections, trendy colours, and a wide range of products, we are your partner when it comes to high-quality cover materials for books and packaging.


peyer foils

premium performance

Innovative solutions in the field of stamping foils and top global brands as customers - a combination that allows us to be successful, from the cosmetics industry to the spirits and perfume industry to the graphics industry.


peyer marking

The best all-round solution

Labelling, label printing and product labelling - we offer individual components and devices, as well as completely individual system solutions for a wide range of applications, including food, pharmaceutical, chemical and industrial products. We support companies at all stages, from investment-safe selection, through implementation, to operation.


peyer tooling

perfection in every dimension

Perfect tools for emotional product experiences and high-quality design solutions. With high-quality embossing tools, workpiece holders and plates made of silicone, brass, steel and aluminium, we partner with companies in a number of sectors, including the automotive industry and the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries, as well as household appliance and electrical appliance manufacturers, the watch industry, and the graphics industry.



Our customers’ wide range of products challenge us every day. By understanding individual needs, we can offer solutions and make decisions. In this way, we enable emotional product experiences and design solutions. Our high level of process knowledge ensures increased production efficiency. Last but not least, we offer a carefree experience with personal service that sets standards in speed and delivery reliability. 

All of this is the result of decades of expertise in procurement, supply chain management, product development, and most important of all: customer understanding.  

Productive and creative excellence

At the heart of our brands, you will find a clear promise: premium solutions. We want to offer services that are attractive to our customers and that help them win. Even though the challenges are very different, all of our solutions are based on shared values. Employees are guided and motivated to seek self-development.

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Our customers and partners worldwide

We operate in around 40 markets worldwide. We are proud to have had top brands from the cosmetics, food, luxury goods and spirits sectors as customers, for many years already. We also maintain long-term relationships with leading publishers from German-speaking countries, major book manufacturers, the pharmaceutical industry, the automotive industry, the plastics industry, and leading folding box and packaging manufacturers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As an international company, we are acutely aware of our responsibility when it comes to the environment and social development. We strive for sustainable development at all levels and review and improve this step by step.


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The leading minds at peyer

Nadja Scherer
Business Unit Manager Cover
Mathias Lüscher
Mathias Lüscher
Business Unit Manager Foils
Philippe Bauer
Philippe Bauer
Andreas Zahner
Andreas Zahner

Personal one-to-one interaction is an essential ingredient in every successful project. At Peyer, we have the right expertise and people for every area and every task.